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 Hourly Blitz 50m  12
 McKay  0+1 KotH Rated 20m  1/4
 Proctor  3+0 Rated 40m  1/4
 Lowry  2+2 Anti Rated 40m  5/4
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  2. You vs Stockfish 1,Checkmate i […] ChessFlub ok, but in my game ( post #10 ) I did not takeback :)
  3. You vs Stockfish 1,Checkmate i […] LM F_D89 "No takebacks", it's one of the rules.
  4. I noticed something ChessFlub most players with a high antichess rating have low normal chess rating […]
  5. You vs Stockfish 1,Checkmate i […] ChessFlub its ok ,I use take backs when I play sometimes
  6. You vs Stockfish 1,Checkmate i […] LM F_D89 ...After a gazillion take backs.
  7. There ought to be an "Unfinish […] Azazel95 Nice idea grimus ;)
  8. Looking for Feedback Variable hello, not sure i know how to post the game but here is the FEN(i ha […]
  9. You vs Stockfish 1,Checkmate i […] F4ReWell_F4TE I've got a mate in 16 :) almost ;c
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  13. Free Lessons proof_07 Guys, you will not regret .
  14. Free Lessons YoNOsoyMike I think I will have some lessons too...
  15. You vs Stockfish 1,Checkmate i […] CautiousKamikaze Been trying abit! Got a 19 move mate :)
  16. Free Lessons bbyd May I have some lessons
  17. Free Lessons proof_07 Thank for lesson, Mikey. It was great! I hope we will can do it again! […]
  18. minimum rating change xurde96 I totally agree with tipau. Since the time I started playing here a […]
  19. There ought to be an "Unfinish […] Bourbon53 I don't see the point since you can claim a draw if being civil is th […]
  20. I watch Lichess TV more than a […] xadrez_pt Hi Hellball, I ask some questions in QA. Who delete them? One, was […]
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