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Hourly Blitz 50m 48
Hourly SuperBlitz 50m 21
Hourly Bullet 40m 29
Puc  2+0 960 Rated 40m 1
Reinfeld  2+0 Anti Rated 40m 13
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  1. Winning a tournament. Carn7vOor Thibault fixed the bug already. So this topic can be closed!
  2. Use own engine Dlls for post-g […] CM Kingscrusher-YouTube BTW I have done a 5 minute commentary video where I emphase some point […]
  3. Ranking AdityaPrakash5000 Agreement from my side.
  4. Tournament ranking bug thibault It's fixed.
  5. Use own engine Dlls for post-g […] CM Kingscrusher-YouTube Is it possible to have a post-game analysis option to use one's own pr […]
  6. Winning a tournament. Carn7vOor Can someone please explain to me how this is possible? => […]
  7. Tournament ranking bug LarsenB Confirmed, it just happened in the last bullet tournament http://en.l […]
  8. Ranking german-warrior It would be nice if we knew the exact no. that we are ranked at on th […]
  9. Tournament ranking bug VerticesEdge Hey it appears in the Hourly bullet that if a player loses one or more […]
  10. Progression chart request runslack I'd like even more: choose charts I want to display.
  11. What is the best (faster) brow […] Nils-Hero I also did this test: and got: Firefox […]
  12. What is the best (faster) brow […] Nils-Hero Check out (Test lasts a bit) I g […]
  13. What is the best (faster) brow […] BluesOn i use firefox,and it's fine!
  14. What is the best (faster) brow […] andonuts The current version of Opera just uses Chromium code for rendering, so […]
  15. variant of chess (kunfu chess) lakdrcjbj jeje my friend chicken (he is the best player on judo)
  16. Progression chart request EugeneJudo Would it be possible to add training and opening practice to that char […]
  17. Clicking the king, then clicki […] fandesport06 When you click the king, click anywhere and then click your rook
  18. Clicking the king, then clicki […] hbgb This has ruined two games for me now. If I click the king, then decide […]
  19. A doubt about Puzzles Easy Mode Tournaments For example, at 2000 I usually get served 1600-1800 for easy, 1800-210 […]
  20. A doubt about Puzzles Easy Mode Tournaments @3 Easy, medium and hard are relative to your own ratings.
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